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Community Forum Rules & Notes Official Forum Rules

  • March 18, 2020 at 9:41 am

    Welcome to the measureQuick® Community!

    The purpose of the measureQuick community is to provide a supportive and educational place for HVAC/R industry people with an interest in measureQuick. This includes owners, contractors, technicians and even some dog lovers.  Our primary interest is in serving the HVAC professional.

    To join the community, you must be a registered measureQuick user. Your measureQuick login is the same login you will use to access restricted areas of the measureQuick site. The measureQuick community is a moderated site. Moderators will delete and edit posts in an effort to keep the site free of advertising or off-topic replies and dirty-mouth language. Please be polite, professional and helpful in your replies. If you are not polite you will be blocked from posting and burned at the stake.

    Please read through the following terms and conditions in using the measureQuick Community.

    Who Is Welcome in the measureQuick Community.

    measureQuick users and contractors interested in implementing measureQuick into their business. At measureQuick we welcome questions, so keep it professional when responding.

    1. Site users must treat other site users with respect. Posting defamatory, insulting or otherwise disrespectful comments toward other members will result in your posts being deleted and possibly your posting privileges being suspended or revoked. Waffles will tell all dogs to pee on your leg when you enter a home with them in it.
    2. Site users with repeated violations of these polices will lose their posting privileges either with or without warning.
    3. Posts or replies that could cause harm to others or violate any of community rules will be edited or deleted.

    Direct Advertising of Web Sites and Products or Site User.

    We.don’ Advertising of websites and products in the measureQuick Community is not acceptable. Don’t do it. It will be deleted, and your user account will be locked.

    Signature advertisements for Guests are not allowed, however, you may add your work information in your User Bio/Profile area. Advertising the company you work for via post is the same as Spam.

    Posting is a Privilege for Members only

    Please note, you are a guest in a privately-owned community. Posting here is a privilege that we hope you respect. The Moderators can and will remove the posting privileges of any person who does follow the rules, or in the opinion of the moderators is a detriment to the site. All Moderation decisions are final.

    No Potty-mouth Language!

    This is a public site, foul language, swearing or near swearing will cause your post to be deleted.

    Avatar and Picture posting

    This public site has a “G” rating. Please do not post vulgar, crude, nudity, politically incorrect or controversial avatars, pictures, memes, or cartoon like images on this site. The Moderators will immediately delete them and may deny your posting privileges. Please note that forum signatures are subject to the same rules as forum posts.

    Do NOT fight with the Moderators

    If your post or thread “disappears”, it was in violation of our terms and conditions of using the site. If you receive an e-mail asking you to stop doing something or change something, just do it. All decisions of the Moderators are final.

    One Registration Only

    As the board gets larger, it becomes more important that each member has only one registration name. Any member who signs up under a new name will be banned from the site. If you feel you have to re-register with a new name due to a technical problem, be sure to get it okayed by the Site Administrator first. To find the Site Admin follow this link

    No E-mail addresses or Spam

    Please do not include your e-mail address in your posts or signature file. Bots will scan posts for emails and overload the server making it unavailable to legitimate users. Posting Spam or contact information in your signature file is also prohibited. Email addresses are not allowed in any form.  If you supply your email, we’ll make sure to sign it up for as many email listings we can find.

    Do not double post or bump

    Choose the correct category or section for your thread and put it in only one category forum. Also, if your thread has not received any new posts lately it will slide down the list, so be it. Do not post a reply just to bump it up the list.  Let’s leave these kinds of shenanigans to politicians.

    Legal Matters & Information researchers – NOT HERE

    For those who come here to gather information dealing with lawsuits and/or to question our membership for such purposes. Too all attorneys or consultants: Gather your information elsewhere. Posts dealing with lawsuits regardless of status will be removed from this site and your site membership along with it. No exceptions. This site and its members will not get involved with dabbling in your legal or illegal affairs.

    Andy Holt
    March 22, 2020 at 6:33 pm

    That should about do it! Congrats on this new site. It is great!