Using Testo Smart Probes with measureQuick.

Community Testo User Group Using Testo Smart Probes with measureQuick.

  • March 17, 2020 at 1:18 pm

    First lets start with what is supported:

    Direct Connect (up to 8 probes)

    • Testo 6o5i Temperature and Relative Humidity (for capacity calculations and airflow estimation)
    • Testo 905i Temperature probes (hood for higher temperatures)
    • Testo 115i Pipe Clamp Thermometers (for superheat and sub cooling)
    • Testo 510i manometers (for static pressures, gas pressures, zone pressures, and other testing)
    • Testo 549i Refrigeration Pressure probes (for refrigerant pressures)

    App-to app:

    • Testo Smart Probes
    • Testo 420 capture hood
    • Testo 770-3 True RMS Clamp meter
    • Testo 550/557 refrigeration System Analyzers
    • The Testo 320-2XL and 327 LX combustion analyzers

    We have the rest of the smart probes on the roadmap, but for now those added are the critical and most useful in measureQuick for most diagnostic testing. We support both the long and short range version of the probes.

    Most of the Testo Smart probes can be now directly connected to the measureQuick application no longer requiring the need for app to app communication between the testo app and measureQuick. If you like that feature though we left it under “Data Sharing Tools” Some more complex tools like combustion analyzers, 550 and 557 as well as the Testo 420 capture hood will still require the use of the app-to-app feature.

    Testo has the corner on the market on a few product like differential manometers and thermometers for high temperatures. In measureQuick, because we can mappings probes, we can use multiples of these instruments.

    To add the Testo probes click the +add button and select “Testo Smart Probes”. Activate the probes, and make sure to map them to their specific test location.